The Small Book for a Beautiful Future
Thesis Project – Calarts BfA Graphic Design 2020
This book discusses tech-critique and rebellious ecological movements in the time of the emerging web, a group calling themselves Neo-Luddites. Also, it proposes a modern revision of Neo-Luddism, called Ecovol.
The Neo-Luddites discussed the possibilities of decentralized social structures, subsistence-scale living, and banning technology. Fearing a social degradation brought on by reliance on automation and over-stimulation by television and the internet, they called for a conscious revision of technology’s necessity.
The modern revision of their views, Ecovol, adjusts these views on technology to be more appropriate in today’s tech-saturated environment. Ecovol proposes a movement based on personal choice and interpretation rather than indoctrination, and simply wants to raise questions about our reliance on conveniences.